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Abuse Support Services

Our Mission

To encourage, enlighten, and empower individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual violence, and help mitigate trauma by providing unbiased, comprehensive survivor services.

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The Family Life Center is a proud member of the United Way.

What We Do

Client Advocacy

An advocate can provide clients with information on housing, job searches, and educational programs in the community. Referrals for basic needs can also be offered to domestic violence/sexual assault survivors.


The Family Life Center provides a safe and confidential shelter for victims of domestic violence/sexual assault and their children. 

Court Advocacy

A trained advocate can assist domestic violence/sexual assault victims in both District and Municipal court. The advocate can walk you through the court process, help with filing for "PFA" or "PFS" protection orders, assist with Crime victim's compensation, and safety planning. 

And so much more ...

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Write your own story

“At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.”  

- Christine Mason Miller

Letter From a Survivor

"We are finally in our own place and I recently graduated. I know it's not much, but to us coming from nothing, this is amazing. It will open doors for both of us. I will also be starting school soon to become a paramedic.
Thank you for being an eye and ear for me at my lowest. I'll never forget that. You are greatly appreciated and need you to know this. I am extremely thankful for you all."

- Survivor

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