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Our Staff

Our Staff
Our Staff

Darla C.

Executive  Director

Sarah B.

Education Coordinator/Child Advocate

Sarah O.

Sexual & Domestic Abuse Advocate 

Alveda S.

Shelter Advocate

Angela M.

Assistant Director/Client Advocate

Krysta D.

Court Advocate

Zoey H.

Outreach Advocate 

Tori A.

Shelter Manager

Krystina T.

Shelter Advocate

Brenda L.

Shelter Advocate

"This place was a blessing to me. All the staff were so very nice and very helpful. I never felt like a burden even though my stay was longer than expected. I was able to relax while I healed mostly from emotional scars.
Please do not ever hesitate to call if you even think there might be a problem. They have some valuable resources for you and a support group every week to help you continue in your journey of self respect and self awareness. Thank you Darla Carter and your knowledgeable and compassionate staff"

 - Survivor

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