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Our Services

The mission of the Family Life Center is to provide comprehensive services to the victims of domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault/abuse, with special attention to each client's individual needs without regard to the individual's race, color, sexual preference, religion of belief. 


Client Advocacy

An advocate can provide clients with information on housing, job searches, and educational programs in the community. Referrals for basic needs can also be offered to domestic violence/sexual assault survivors.


The Family Life Center provides a safe and confidential shelter for victims of domestic violence/sexual assault and their children. 

Police response advocacy

An advocate is called on when the police respond to a domestic violence/sexual assault situation. After the abuser has been taken into custody, the advocate will help the victim with resources and coping with their trauma during their emergency situation. 

Court Advocacy

A trained advocate can assist domestic violence/sexual assault victims in both District and Municipal court. The advocate can walk you through the court process, help with filing for "PFA" or "PFS" protection orders, assist with Crime victim's compensation, and safety planning. 

Support Groups

Sexual assault and domestic violence support groups where survivors can share their experiences with others who have been in a similar situation. Sharing ideas helps you to move forward to a healthier, happier life.


Sexual Assault 

A trained advocate will be present to support victims of sexual assault through the examination, court proceedings, and further recovery. 

Teen dating violence prevention

In Their Shoes is an interactive role playing activity presented to youth and professionals whom work closely with youth. The activity opens conversations and raises awareness about dating violence along with red flags of unhealthy relationships. 

Child Safety & Prevention

Safer Smarter Kids (Lauren's Kids) teaches children traditional safe touch and stranger danger, but also goes further to teach children the safety tools on how to effectively use their voice, what their personal boundaries are, and how to share with their trusted adults to get help they need when inappropriate behavior starts. 

Community education

We offer programs to educate community agencies, organizations, educational institutions, churches, medical and health care providers, law enforcement professionals, and other allied professionals and youth-serving organizations about domestic and sexual violence. Programs are free of charge and including information on the following:

  • The dynamics of domestic violence

  • Services available to victims and their families

  • How to support friends and family in a crisis

  • Lethality assessments and determining the aggressor

  • The impact if domestic violence on the general public and victims' family

  • Ways for communities to hold offenders accountable 


An advocate is available to meet on campus every Tuesday from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM (as needed) on the main Campus in El Dorado in the student union for students to have free and confidential services provided to them if they have witnessed or experience abuse, including domestic violence, sexual abuse, and dating violence. 

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